You're one of the smart ones. 

Your company has a great product or a fantastic service.

Word of mouth is all you need...

Well almost all you need.

OK, maybe a little advertising will do some good.

But why does it cost a fortune to advertise? 

Getting your message out no longer needs to cost an arm and a leg.  

At RSVP-CD, we understand the frustration of telling your story on a handful of column inches.  

RSVP-CD is a highly successful marketing tool developed right here in Hawai'i.  After launching a series of retail souvenir products called Postcard-CD, it's founder, Mark Bell utilized the same technology and created a high tech method of delivering messages on 3 inch mini CD's.  By the way, Kirk Matthews of FOX TV said Postcard-CD's were "ingenious".  

So, this is how it works:

RSVP-CD can mail your company message or ad on a 3 inch CD to the people you want to reach for a few cents each.  Try doing that yourself!!! The CD's will auto load on any Windows® computer system. At RSVP-CD we don't even know what a column inch is.  You always get a full page. And there is no extra charge for color because electronic advertising allows for not 4 color but 256 million colors.  Not only that but we will give you a free link on the CD to your companies Web Site.  We know it sometimes takes more than a printed ad to tell the whole story so if you really want to make an impact, we can include a 30 or 60 second commercial on the CD. We'll even shoot a digital video clip of your business, a panoramic virtual tour of your location or a photos of your product. How is this possible?  Because it is all done digitally.

That's why so many companies are moving from paper to plastic. (CD's are made mostly of plastic and RSVP-CD saves a lot of trees)

Imagine your customer watching a video clip of that sports car he was thinking about getting or the impact of taking a virtual tour of a restaurant before making a reservation.  Just think if they are viewing your message and can click on a link that will take them right to your web site to get more information. How cool is that?  They can even click a button on your ad in the middle of the night and send you an email to request an appointment, ask for more information or make a reservation.  

Don't worry about people using an RSVP-CD as a coaster.  We have lots of incentives to get them to have a look at what's on the CD.

You've done all the right things so far. Now let RSVP-CD send your message that will do justice to your product or service. 


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When you receive a RSVP-CD, you are getting so much more then interesting multi-media ads and money saving coupons and incentives.  

Look for the following on upcoming RSVP-CD's:


  • Phone Directory of important phone numbers
  • Panoramic virtual tour photos of famous homes
  • Upcoming movie trailers
  • Free games for the kids (adults love them too)
  • Read the first chapter of the hottest book
  • Get lucky and win some really cool prizes.  Maybe you will get a winning CD with free vacations, a day at the spa or neighbor island golf packages



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