"One picture is worth 1,000 emails"

Why do you need Custom Postcard-CD's?  Because a Custom Postcard-CD can be your best sales person.  Almost everybody has an email address but not everyone has a digital camera or is savvy enough to scan their vacation photos.  We can create a custom Postcard-CD for your company or organization with photos you provide or photos taken by Postcard-CD's award winning photographers.  Your company's web address can be placed on the bottom corner of each photo.   After traveling, people love to tell their friends & family where they went and what they did.   With a Postcard-CD, they can now email photos of the places they visited to everyone in their email address book.  Your web address will be traveling along with beautiful digital photos.  Like chain letters, these photos will travel exponentially around the world as their friends forward the photos with your web address to their friends. Your advertising results can be easily tracked and Postcard-CD will win your company's  "Best Sales Person of the Year" award.  Custom Postcard-CD's can be used as fund raisers for schools and organizations too.  Weddings, Yearbooks, genealogy... the possibilities are endless.

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