Why Advertise With Postcard-CD?
Because placing ads on the electronic pages of a Postcard-CD is an ideal opportunity to drive traffic to your company web site, especially since the ad could include a link directly to your web site.  The best part is that your ad will never become outdated.  We can create a general company message on the pages of Postcard CD's with a link to your web site.  You can change the web page where the link is pointed to at any time so your information will always be current.  Have you ever picked up a magazine in the dentists office and read an ad only to find out it was a year old.  That will never happen when you advertise in a Postcard-CD.  Imagine people would be purchasing Postcard CD's with your company message and even paying the postage to send the ad along with lots of stunning travel photos and video clips to their friends. It doesn't get any better than that.  

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