Why do people love Postcard-CD's?
Because a Postcard-CD is a familiar souvenir but with a high  tech twist. A Postcard-CD consists of a mini 3" CD attached to a postcard in a re-sealable transparent envelope. The CD  runs on standard CD ROM drives and has over 101 awesome digital photos, stunning panoramas and cool video clips.  It's organized in a photo album format where the pages really turn. The photos can be printed, emailed to friends, made into screen savers or set as computer wallpaper. Of course you can always mail them.  Just open the re-sealable envelope, write a quick message and put it back in the envelope using a self sticking postage stamp on the outside.   Because fifty Postcard-CD's fit in the space of one T-shirt, take a handful back with you from your vacation as gifts to family, office workers and friends.  Don't forget to keep one Postcard-CD for yourself so you can email lots of photos to everyone in your address book.

NEW  Panoramic Paradise  Waimanalo - Rabbit Island       

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